The TeaTank is designed to be simple. Check out some below Frequently Asked Questions that may help you purchase your TeaTank quicker.

US: 3-10 business days (Depending on USPS work loads)

Canada: Up to 14 business days.

If you’re too excited to get your hands on a TeaTank, we offer priority service within the US that should see you get your TeaTank within 3 business days from when it is sent.

    • Step 1:
    Once you have taken the TeaTank out from its box and stopped drooling over its beauty, we recommend that you thoroughly wash it before use.  
    • Step 2:
    The TeaTank has multiple uses, if you are brewing tea, you can pull out the infuser by pulling on the little handle, once it pops out you can unscrew the stainless steel container and fill it up with loose leaf tea. Screw it back on, and pop it back into the bottle. If you wish to make fruit infused vodka water then you can pop out the infuser by pulling on the handle, unscrew the container, add your fruit, then pop the top filter back in.  
    • Step 3:
    Pour in boiling water to the top. Note* Be VERY careful when handling boiling water.  
    • Step 4:
    Allow 30-60 seconds before closing the lid. This allows time for the majority of steam to leave the bottle.  
    • Step 5:
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Well, anything really! Our philosophy here at the TeaTank headquarters (Actually a pretty small office at the moment) is that everything tastes better when drank from the tank ;)

On a more serious note, the TeaTank is made for loose leaf herbal & black tea. It also includes a filter to use when making fruit water.

Because of the double walled glass, it keeps your brew piping hot or ice cold, whichever you prefer. This means even just water is better to drink from the TeaTank over a regular bottle or glass, as it will keep the water cooler for longer.

The TeaTank is made with high quality double walled glass. This means there is a gap between the liquid and the outer glass of the TeaTank which gives it an insulating effect. You wont burn your hands holding it.
You can only buy our sexy TeaTank from our lovely online store. We don’t let anyone else distribute it because well, we are awesome, and we value giving GREAT customer service.
We offer PayPal checkout. That means if you have a PayPal account, you can just log in and pay. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can just use your credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.
You get your TeaTank that will change your life. It includes a built in tea infuser for brewing loose leaf tea, and also a filter for making fruit infused water.

If your TeaTank is broken or faulty (Hopefully this will never happen) you can simply let us know and we will arrange to get you a 100% refund on return. If you are unhappy with your TeaTank for any reason, we will also offer you a 100% refund on return of the item.